Darren Drevik


Communications & Marketing Director



D&A Creative

VP Communications

Atreus Homes & Communities

Director of Communications & Marketing

Venture Homes

Marketing Director

Content Channel Manager

iFleet Inc.


VNU/ Nielsen Business Media



Bureau Chief


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Atreus: “Can Ty Pennington Help People Know Who We Are?”

Ex-Journalist. Communicator.

How I Can I Help You Message

More Effectively?

Balch Law: “What Kind of Lawyers Do We Want To Be?”

ThomsonReuters: “How Do You Leverage An Olympics As A Nonsponsor?”

ThomsonReuters: “How Do You Make A Horrible Newspaper Great?”

Nielson/VNU: “Creating The Win-Win-Win.”

Oak Ridger: “Rethinking Editorial Missions”

Atreus: “Connecting on an Emotional Level”